FAQ - eeanna


Why do you write poetry?

Some desires have their own mercury, rising within us with such insistence, only a person dead to themselves, could not hear and heed the call.   

And so it was, that poetry came to me. Unbidden but irresistible;  a calling, a compulsion, a cajoling, a future self urging me on to the undiscovered country called home, each new poem, a step on the path back to what I could be.


Why is so much of your poetry  spiritual in nature?

I think of God as ALL THAT IS.   Put another way,I believe everything is God; the stone, the raven, the wave – everything that has ever been or ever will be, including U and me.

The great ‘miracle’, is that all creation is imbued  with the unfathomable power, freedom and  eternal validity of that  original consciousness –  I call the One Great Heart.

My job,  as a poet and a person, is to celebrate that miracle, and to  articulate as best I can,  its inherent joy, struggles, and grace.   


Where do U live?

My life- partner and I live in Canada, about 300 km north of Toronto, in a cabin, in a forest, beside a lake…when we are not here, we are wandering  the  shorelines of ancient seas, or the back streets of faraway cities, searching for beautiful art and kind hearts.


Why do you use abbreviations such as U instead of YOU and ur instead of  YOUR?

Originally, the abbreviations were simply my  ‘private shorthand’  but  when it came time to publish the work, I was  reluctant to switch the words back to their conventional spelling- so I didn’t.       


Do you do your own illustrations and photography?

Sadly, I have no such talent!

Illustrations are by  the radiantly talented  Limatola Longkumer from North- East India.  It is such a blessing to have her raw, powerful and  feminine  drawings,  dancing with the poems.  

The eeanna feather logo was designed by the extraordinary Miakoda Ohki,  one of Canada’s most unique and talented illustrators.

Photography is by the uber talented Carmin Davidson, who plys her art out of Toronto, Canada. 

eeanna Social Media is curated, art-directed, and managed by the ‘river of light’ known as Lisa Byers. She can reached for freelance assignments at lbyers01@gmail.com